News and views from our past


At the Vestry meeting held on 2nd July 1886, it was proposed by Mr Howe that Mrs Burbidge be informed that the Vestry required her to keep the Church clean and washed whenever required, also the lamps properly trimmed and kept in good order, also Church doors opened and closed before and after each service, according and under the direction of the Incumbent.

The marriage of Joseph Miller and Catherine Peachey was celebrated at Christ Church, Melton, on 6th July 1886.

Gertrude Alice Proctor, daughter of John and Emma Jane Simpson, was baptised at Holy Trinity on 25th July 1886 by Rev. M. Williams.


The following children were baptised in June 1911. On the 7th June Daphne Isobel Vance Dickie was baptised at Holy Trinity, young John Lawrence Dugdale was baptised at Christ Church Myrniong on the 25th, and Mary Louisa Margaret Somerton was baptised on the 29th June at Holy Trinity. In the month of July Thelma Clare Minns was baptised on the 15th at Holy Trinity and Colin Horace Roy Thomas on the 23rd at Christ Church.

At the Vestry meeting held in the School Hall on 24th July 1911, Mr. W. Wittick and Mr. H. L. Simon were authorised to make arrangements for ploughing, grubbing boxthorn, fencing and resowing with lucerne the paddock in Church Street.


On Monday evening, 4th July, there was a large gathering at the anniversary social in the Parish Hall, where a concert program, interspersed with dancing, gave patrons generous measure, the ladies in addition supplying supper.

Rev. C.H. Zercho, B.A., of Glen Iris, who was to be the special guest preacher on Sunday, 5th July 1936 in connection with the 81st anniversary of Holy Trinity Church, was unable to do so on account of influenza. The Vicar (Rev. Francis Morton) conducted the services, which were well attended.

The scholars of Holy Trinity Sunday School are being given a party at 3.30p.m. this Saturday, 11th July, at the Parish Hall in commemoration of the 81st anniversary.

A large number of ladies attended the social, conducted by the Ladies’ Guild, in aid of the Centenary fund on Thursday afternoon, 30th July. As a result of the afternoon quite an acceptable contribution will be available for the Centenary Committee


The first practise for the Debutante Ball will be held in the Holy Trinity Hall on Thursday 8th June 1961 at 8p.m. Any further girls wishing to make their debut are asked to attend this practise.

Seven debutantes with attendants in a garden setting made a striking picture on stage when the curtain rose before a big crowd at Holy Trinity Parish Ball, held in the Public Hall on Friday, 28th July 1961. Denise Tavener Betty Stewart, Helen McDonald, Glenda Wilkie, Sandra Stewart, Gwenda Graig and Betty Watson were presented to Ven. Archdeacon R. W. Dann and Mrs Dann


Five adults will be confirmed today, 8th June 1986 by Bishop John Stewart.

We note with pleasure the re-plastering of Christ Church, Myrniong Church which is taking place now. This is with the assistance of the H.V. McKay Trust. Next improvements are the re-modelling of the Sanctuary and the painting of the interior.

Christ Church, Myrniong, are holding a Square Dance on Saturday, 14th June, in the Myrniong Hall from 8.30p.m.

Is there a person or a small team of people who could take over the work of the Sacristan during Shirley Cox’s illness? (the Sacristan prepares the Altar etc for worship).

The Farewell to Father George, Pat and the boys, Robert and Matthew will be held on Sunday the 20th July at 10.30a.m. Parishioners and friends are invited to a B.Y.O. Basket Luncheon following the service.