Safety & Welfare

Our Commitment

We affirm that all people have the right to be emotionally and physically safe, respected, and have their views and opinions always valued. We recognise that we have a spiritual, moral, and civic duty to ensure that Bacchus Marsh Parish is a safe place to be.  Throughout the Bible God continually calls out the vulnerable for protection and care despite their powerlessness (Ex. 22:21-22, Deut. 10:17-19, Jer. 22:2-4, James 1:27). 

We also live in a country that legislates for people’s safety. As a parish, we have committed to complying with all national, state, and diocesan policy and legislation to ensure that everyone is safe within Bacchus Marsh Parish  We maintain a culture of safety and wellbeing though a culture that has a zero tolerance for violence of any kind.  We provide safe and independent avenues for anyone to speak up.

Everyone who is engaged in ministry at Bacchus Marsh Parish is trained to recognise and respond to situations that put our members and community at risk.  And we take appropriate and right action.  This extends to:

Reporting and Making a Complaint

Kooyoora Ltd has been appointed by the Melbourne Diocese to respond to all complaints of misconduct including sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by clergy or Church officers. Kooyoora Ltd is an independent Professional Standards company which undertakes Professional Standards work for not for profit charitable entities. To learn how to contact Kooyoora Ltd and the process of making a complaint, please click below.

Safe Ministry Program

For further information on Safe Ministry Matters, please contact our Vicar or visit the Diocese of Melbourne Safe Ministry Toolbox.

The Toolbox includes information on: