So you have a feeling that there is something more to life, and you'd like to explore that. But, walking into a church... that's hard. Here's a few FAQs:

Do I have to believe something to come along? No. We love people to come who are exploring.

Do I have to dress up? No, come in clothes that you feel comfortable wearing.

Do I have to arrive on time? No. Actually, you might want to arrive slightly late so you can slip in the back.

How will I know what to do? Everything will be explained what we say is projected on a screen so you can follow along. At Myrniong and Balliang we use books, but we'll help you find your way.

Do I have to sing? No. Of course, you can, but you don't have to. And you don't have to say anything.

Can I bring kids? Of course, and they can make noise too. (so can adults!)

Think of entering a church like anything you do to for the first time. It's okay not to know exactly what to do, as long as the people there help you make sense of it. Our hope is that we will be able to help you feel comfortable as you explore this idea that there might be something more to life.

Some parts of the service might feel a little old fashioned, just like your footy club song - has that ever been updated? Think of it like this: old-fashioned doesn't mean wrong. It connects us to a special history that reminds us how significant this experience is. All questions about "Why do you do that?" are very welcome!